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Caymanian student’s coursework reveals Cayman’s carbon emissions truth

One young Caymanian student is using her blog to tackle a “hot topic” that has major implications both globally and here at home – climate change.

Jennifer Moseley is studying environmental science overseas.

As part of her coursework, she was disturbed to discover Cayman’s per-capita carbon emissions are 23 percent higher than China’s.

“We are probably going to be one of the first ones to feel the brunt of this changes that we are doing to the environment,” she said.

If left unchecked, the predicted effects of climate change do not look good for the Cayman Islands

According to National Geographic, if all the world’s ice were to melt due to global warming, our island paradise would disappear under the Caribbean Sea.

“Cayman is having an impact, and we don’t talk about it,” Moseley said. “I feel that it’s one of the big things that should be spoken about.”

She plotted Cayman’s per-capita carbon emissions against those of the US, China, and our neighbor to the southeast, Aruba.

She sees Cayman’s national energy policy, which calls for 70 percent renewable energy by 2037 as a turning point.

“I definitely think that 70 percent is a doable figure. And in 20 years for sure because in my blog I spoke about Aruba, and they implemented a policy in about 2012; 2011 is when it was brought up and started to be implemented, and by now they’re already at 40% renewable.


Cayman 27’s Joe Avary has more.

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Joe Avary

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