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Elections Office turns attention to Voters List

The Elections Office is also prepping for Claims and Objections hearings which begin next week to revise the new voters list for election.

Deputy Elections Supervisor Susan Bothwell says after yesterday’s (29 March) successful Nominations Day It’s clear the Elections Office team is ready for 24 May.

After a smooth run on Nominations Day Ms Bothwell’s expectations for polling day are high.

“On Election Day everybody will come into motion like a symphony,” Ms Bothwell said.

On Wednesday the Elections Office deployed 38 staffers from Returning Officers to clerks ensuring a smooth nominations day exercise in the run up to Cayman’s historic transition to One Man One Vote.

“Everybody has their job, they all perform very important part to help the election run smoothly,” she added.

Nominations day came with some late entries and surprises, but Ms Bothwell says while those may be strategic moves it’s not a concern for the Elections Office.

“It is a matter for the prospective candidate as to when he or she wants to come in. If there is going to be jockeying if there is going to be last minute decisions as to where should I run or who I should run against that is their political prerogative.

Confirmation of candidates is expected by the end of the week and on Sunday ballot printing will begin with the new format of candidate photos in preparation for early voting.

“The first set of ballots will be issued via postal ballots overseas only and then we will have mobile voting for those persons who qualify for mobile voting,” she said.

Early voters will include individuals working on Election Day like election staff, essential services personnel, those in-firmed and those who may be out of the country on Election Day.

The period to request postal ballots or mobile voting is underway and will continue until close of business on Friday 12 May. You can visit www.elections.ky for the link to register for early voting.

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