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New amendments fresh from the legislative assembly grant local artists and artisans the opportunity to not pay for a trade and business license to conduct their craft in a professional manner, Cayman 27’s Philipp Richter spoke to those who are directly affected by these law changes, he has the report.

“And I think who amend this, I have to give them thumbs up,” said Cayman Treats by Shirl owner, Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke, one of the artists and artisans is welcoming the new vendor law amendments, especially since they will no longer be paying trade and business license fees and say they can use that to re-invest it in their craft.

“Not having to pay you definitely can invest in some other equipment for your stuff, or you can invest in boosting your posts on Facebook for your own social media purposes to get yourself out there,” said Rapper, Eugene “KG” Pascual.

“Because I really need to do that, I find it pretty hard to come up with that money,” said Shirley Clarke from Cayman Treats by Shirl.

For those with the skills to turn their hobbies into careers, these new amendments will give some a leg up in the industry without a price tag attached.

“Some don’t really have the funds, they are really good talented artists, so what they can do is they can get a free business license and they can start getting their money off of performing,” said Rapper, Eugene “KG” Pascual.

Cayman Music and Entertainment’s President Jean-Eric Smith, formally known as Notch, says even though local bands do not need a trade and business license, having a license ups their professionalism and creates more opportunities for them.

“So maybe that just assists local artists with being able to access venues like those, that are that strict.” Said CMEA President, Jean-Eric “Notch” Smith.

Back at Mrs. Clarkes jam stall, she says this bill will give people an opportunity to supplement their income.

“Absolutely, more people would take it on hand and try to help themselves and provide more for the tourism industry,” said Shirley Clarke.
Both amendments to allow artists and artisans to get a trade and business license for free were given a third reading on Monday and passed.


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Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter was born in Austria and moved to the Cayman Islands at the age of three. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed documenting his surroundings with cameras. Studying television broadcasting and communications, he now can show the reality of life in Grand Cayman to the public.

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