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Candidate Ellio Solomon touts medical research as ‘way forward’ for Cayman

With just 49 days until the May elections, Cayman 27 is taking a closer look at the 63 candidates and their claims.

In a campaign ad, former MLA and candidate for George Town West Ellio Solomon touts medical research as the way forward for Cayman.

“The Cayman Islands needs to diversify its economy, and we also need to find additional resources in terms of getting revenues for the government,” said Mr. Solomon.

Mr. Solomon says he has drafted legislation that could help Cayman get a slice of the $36 billion medical research pie.

Candidate for George Town west Ellio Solomon spells out his vision in a 2 minute campaign ad

“I did a lot of research in terms of what we actually need here in terms of an authority, and actually went ahead and drafted up that legislation, also looking to make sure and do things like avoiding political and reputational risk and I think we are ready to go,” said Mr. Solomon.

He told Cayman 27 animal testing is off the table for those very reasons.

“When people start hearing about medical research, it’s natural for them to come up with certain spooky fears and concerns, but this is a situation where there is legitimate equipment that will be being developed that will probably be tested here,” said Mr. Solomon. “In terms of certain drugs, those drugs obviously have to go through clinical testing, but already would have gone through animal testing.”

He told Cayman 27 his legislation creates a framework where medical research companies can streamline the testing process without sacrificing regulatory oversight.

“You’re not going to be able to sell that market on an international scale, or even a local scale, if nobody feels that they’ve had a proper process and that things are being done in the proper way,” said Mr. Solomon.

An idea the electorate will have to weigh for themselves on 24th May.


Mr. Solomon is an independent candidate in George Town West, in a four-way race with independent Denny Warren, CDP candidate Jonathan Piercy, and the Progressives’ David Wight.

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Joe Avary

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