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Candidates discuss arming security officers

In the aftermath of the Weekend robbery attempt at Foster’s Food Fair where an armoured truck security officer was shot and injured, some of George Town political hopefuls shared their stance on whether they believe it’s time to arm security officers.

George Town West Candidate Kenneth Bryan said arming security officers with weapons to combat gun crimes should not be the considered alternative as it relates to the recent shooting.

Mr. Bryan said a more feasible solution would be the implementation of an escort service where police officers would accompany vehicles carrying large amounts of cash.

” In respect to the robbery that happened the other day what government can do is allow a service where armoured vehicles, vehicles that carry a lot of cash can be escorted by the police department”, Mr. Bryan explained.

Jonathan Piercy who is running in George Town West said placing guns in the hands of security officers would have the tendency to attract more guns to the situation.

“Had that guard been armed there is no guarantee that the robber still would not have gone down what may have happened instead of one gun being used you would have had a whole cache of weapons coming to rob the armed vehicle,” Mr. Piercy.

George Town West candidate Dennie Warren Jr. disagrees with both men and said he is all for certain security officers having access to some sort of protection.

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