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Dive instructor finds hook, line, and weights in eagle ray’s mouth

A close encounter with a majestic eagle ray on Grand Cayman’s west wall yields more evidence of poaching.

“This isn’t even half of what I pulled off of him,” said Wall to Wall dive instructor and boat captain Jenna Greer, showing Cayman 27 cameras a wad of fishing line collected during a close encounter with an eagle ray.

Dive instructor and boat captain Jenna Greer cut a length of fishing line from an eagle ray Monday at ‘Wild hammer’

Ms. Greer cut the fishing line off an eagle ray Monday (10 April) at the ‘Wild hammer’ dive site. She told Cayman 27 she was leading a dive when the eagle ray swam right up to the group. That’s when she noticed the animal had a hook, line, and weights dangling from its mouth.

Ms. Greer told Cayman 27 she was unable to remove the hook and weights from the distressed animal.

“He swam straight to me, that’s when I noticed it, and he turned and that’s when I saw the line and started hacking away at it,” said Ms. Greer of the encounter. “It hit me, I was like poaching. I heard the stories that they’ve been finding these mutilated eagle rays all around the island. Whoever was fishing for this was definitely fishing for something on the bottom and that’s where these guys eat.”

Ms. Greer told Cayman 27 she was unable to cut the hook or weights from the animal.


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