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Jamaica Land of Film

Local author Peter Polack has released his third and latest book titled, “Jamaica: The Land of Film.” The book explores the cinematic side of Jamaica and the contributions its landscape has made to film.

Mr. Polack has previously written two history books focused on war but decided to delve into his homeland Jamaica’s film history. The book catalogues all of the films made in Jamaica from the very first which was made in 1910. The labor of love has facts and photos of Denzel Washington and locations of iconic films like Cool Runnings.

Daughter of Mr. Polack, Vanessa Polack when asked what she would say to people about Jamaica is she needed to convince them about the islands validity in the film world she said, “If Jamaica were an actor, she would have played in 141 films so I think that she has enough of a track record that she should be highlighted in more and more films because of her people and her beauty.”

The book has also inspired a tour in Montego Bay which will take people to all of the infamous film areas mentioned in the book.


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