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Cayman misses out on rare Super Blue Blood Moon

A triple threat cosmic event dazzled millions yesterday (30 January) a super blue blood moon.

Unfortunately, Cayman missed out viewing the rare event as poor visibility blocked the rare moon for eager onlookers in Cayman.

It was the first time in 152 years that the three elements have combined and even with clearer skies the odds of seeing the blood moon in all its glory would not be in our favour.

“I think people would have noticed the extra brightness there’s a particularly bright full moon and… the blue moon part is more to do with the calendar than the moon itself, just that the full moon happens when there’s already been a full moon for that month. The eclipse we would have missed because from where we are the moon would have been setting just as the eclipse was starting,” said UCCI professor Robert McLeod.

Professor McLeod said the next super blue blood moon will take place in the year 2037.

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