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Education Minister says pay hike for teachers coming

Higher wages for teachers are coming. Education Minister Hon. Julianna O’Connor-Conolly says the idea of a minimum wage of $5,000 for public school teachers will soon become a reality. She addressed teachers’ salaries today (23 January) at a seminar at John Gray High School. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks was there, he has this report.

Minister Julianna O’Connor-Conolly said, ” You get what you pay for” as she expanded on her plan for a minimum wage for public school teachers.

She said, ” They (teachers) make what society becomes and we ought to appreciate them in a really meaningful and tangible way.” The magic number is $5,000. Minster O’Connor-Conolly said that’s the minimum she wants all teachers to make by the end of her term as Education minister. She said, “At the end of my four-year tenure as Minster of Education no teacher would be making less than and I have the audacity to hope if I can steal Obama’s phrase that some will be making more.”

More than 300 hundred teachers and educators gathered at the John Gray High School Gymnasium for the visible learning Educators seminar where Minister O’Connor-Conolly expressed her desire for accountable partnership all to benefit students. She said, “The children in the classroom would not be seen as pawns, but where they would be the focus where everything that we spend and say in between enhances the student experience so that some day they can contribute positively back to our community.”

Chairman of the Education Council Dan Scott agrees with her sentiments and stressed the importance of teachers. He said, “The reality is that our teachers do have a lot to offer. They are the ones on the front line, they are the ones who frankly make a difference and I think the presentation today pointed to that.” The event aimed to inspire Cayman’s educators and the Minister hopes her planned pay raise for teachers will go a long way in them giving the best student experience.

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