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Industry press showers Cayman Islands diving with accolades

Unmatched underwater visibility, vibrant reefs, and heart-pounding wreck dives. Those are just three reasons why Cayman’s dive industry has again earned accolades in Scuba Diving Magazine’s annual readers choice awards.

After making their initial splash into Cayman’s crystal-clear waters, divers tend to take note of the unparalleled visibility. So did the dive press.

Cayman fared extraordinarily well in the magazine’s 2018 reader’s choice awards, taking first place honors in visibility, photography, and tech diving, second place honours in best overall, conservation, big animals, wrecks, walls, beginner diving, and snorkeling, and third place honors for macro photography, cave, cavern, and grotto diving, shore diving, advanced diving, and free diving.

“I think the important thing is that the quality of the diving has always been there and everyone is impressed by that, the second thing that really makes Cayman stand out is I think is the quality of the dive operators themselves,” said Red Sail Sports Operations manager Rod McDowall.

Mr. McDowall told Cayman 27 attractions like the Kittiwake shipwreck, which made waves on the international dive scene upon its initial sinking in 20-11 and again last year after the wreck’s re-positioning during tropical storm Nate, have added further diversity to Cayman’s dive offerings.

“The longer time it’s in the water it will start to develop it’s only one size and it will be a fun drive all the time from now on, it will change on a regular basis,” said Mr. McDowall.

“It’s getting so much easier to get to Cayman,” said Joanna ‘Pinky Jo’ Mikutowicz.

She told Cayman 27 the added airlift that helped propel Cayman to a record 418,000 air arrivals in 2017 makes the destination even more convenient for North American dive travelers.

“The airliners have done a great job because they’ve got a lot of direct flights, it is not obnoxiously overpriced, it’s just a great place to come and visit,” she said.

And with 365 dive sites situated across all three islands, there’s almost always suitable conditions somewhere for a world-class dive experience.

“When they come here to dive, they wanna dive,” she quipped.

One quarter of the 20 dive resorts on Scuba Diving Magazine’s prestigious gold list are in the Cayman Islands.

Eagle Ray Pass on Grand Cayman’s famous North Wall was ranked as the gold list’s 4th best dive site.

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Joe Avary

Joe Avary

Joe Avary has been with Cayman 27 since 2014. He brings 20 years in television experience to the job, working hard every day to bring the people of Cayman stories that inform the public and make a difference in the community. Joe hopes his love for the Cayman Islands shines through in his informative and entertaining weather reports. If you have a story idea for Joe or just want to say hello, call him at 324-2141 or send an email to

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