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MLA Alva Suckoo asks for trash collection improvements

Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo recently touched on what he says are concerns from residents in his constituency about delayed garbage collections.

Mr. Suckoo confirmed his area recently was serviced by the Department of Environmental Health and residents’ trash collected.

But he believes Government’s methods of dealing with garbage collections woes are band-aid fixes instead of long-term solutions.

“I’m appealing to the government once more, let’s fix this together because clearly something is broken and we need some rapid response. We need a longer term plan for how we’re gonna deal with collections going forward but come clean and let us know exactly what the situation is,” said Mr. Suckoo.

Cayman 27 reached out the Department of Environmental Health for a comment and they responded saying.

“The DEH has been working tirelessly since last week to ensure that garbage collection services return to normal as soon as possible.”

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