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NWDA continues with TVET training

The National Workforce Development Agency is continuing its efforts with training Caymanians.  The NWDA aims to train Cayman’s young people through its technical vocational educational training programmes. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks has this report.

Training Caymanians in different fields for the workforce is a top priority for the NWDA and trainees say they are gaining a lot like, Stephanie Espuet, a behavioral interventionist in training. She said, “I had expressed to her how interested I was in behavior in general.” Ms. Espuet is currently training with Cayman ABA and she said when she was introduced to the partnership with the company she could not wait to take up the opportunity. She said, “Then she presented me with this apprenticeship programme that I fully wanted to jump on because as a yoga instructor, that’s another part of my life there that also focuses a lot on behaviour too.” Her mentor, Anoush Daian, of Cayman ABA explains what it takes to be a behavioral interventionist. She said,  “The training process is quite simple, it’s very straightforward getting that practical experience and show that you are ready to work with children.” Ms. Espuet is expected to sit her certification exam on 4 February.

The NWDA is also focusing on bartender training and trainee Mia Grant is studying with Wine School 3 to get her foot in the door in that fields. She said she is learning the social protocols to be a bartender. She said, ” So simple enough a woman should not consume more than 2 units per day and a man should not consume more than 4 units per day.” Ms. Grant said that the training program gave her a focus. She said, “I was at a place that I didn’t have a direction and just by a simple step and a simple email that didn’t take me two minutes to write I found a path.”

Both Ms. Espuet and Ms. Grant hope that other Caymanians will take up the opportunity they were afforded through the NWDA. The NWDA said they are grateful for the private and public partnerships making the training programmes a reality. The programmes are open to all Caymanians once they are registered with the NWDA.


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