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Police make 10 DUI arrests over weekend

Police nab 10 drunk drivers over the weekend as they continued their traffic enforcement operations island-wide. Among those arrested was a 24-year-old East End man. He was held on Saturday (13 January) around 3 p.m. as he entered his car with a cup with an alcoholic beverage in his hand and attempted drive. He faces 6 DUI related charges including suspicion of DUI and consuming alcohol in a vehicular conveyance.

Also on Saturday, police arrested a man found sleeping in a parked car in South Sound. When he was awakened by officers he appeared unsteady on his feet. He was tested and had blood alcohol level of 0.219%. He was arrested and later bailed. Police say while part of their aim is to catch such individuals before they can cause a tragedy and they remind the public the only safe solution is for those who drink to simply not drive.

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