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Police say DUI arrests over the holidays show Winter Guardian was a success

55 DUI arrests were made in the month of December which is almost double the arrests made in the same month of 2016.

The RCIPS said those arrests show their Winter Guardian initiative was a success.

According to RCIPS stats in 2016 there were 27 DUI arrests, but with no shortage of alternative options to drinking and driving during the holidays the number of arrests nearly doubled.

But police media officer Jodi-Ann Powery said on the positive side those figures showed the increased police vigilance paid off.

“An increased effort by the police and not just effort but an increase resources that the police have in carrying out regular patrols and making these stop checks and actually enforcing these issues on a larger scale than what we were able to do before,” said Mrs. Powery.

RCIPS siad they will go back to their regular shifts now that the holidays are over, but if necessary they may spontaneously execute similar road operations in the future.

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