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Premier addresses Legal Practitioners Bill hold up

As the Grand Court officially opened its doors today (17 January,) Law Society president Alasdair Robertson urged the government to re-open efforts for a new modernised Legal Practitioners bill.

Last year the proposed amendments to lawyers’ bill failed to make the cut and was withdrawn at the last minute from the Legislative Assembly agenda.

Government has been tight-lipped on its next move with the Legal Practitioners bill, but Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin assures government is committed to a modernized law.

“Fundamental differences between what the law society thinks the law should look like and what the bar association thinks the law should look like and so government is always in this very difficult place of trying to address the concerns and the proposals of each of these entities,” said Premier McLaughlin.

He said it is an issue government struggles with, but they will work on bringing a new bill within the next year or so.

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