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Queens Honourees humbled by awards

Queen’s honourees Betty Baraud and Olive Miller are set to receive special recognition for their contributions to Cayman. Last week we introduced you to one recipient, Dr. Bill Hrudey who received his award early due to health reasons. Tonight (10 January) we catch up with Ms. Baraud who will receive a medal making her a Member of the British Empire. She credits her award to her involvement in volunteering in the Cayman Islands community. She said, “There is so much that can be done and I just hope that what I have done will be an example to others.”

We also checked in with Ms. Miller, who has been a Member of the British Empire since the 1990’s, she is in line to get the Officer of the British Empire, an honour she’s humbled to accept. She started the Girls Brigade back in 1946. She said, “All these things that I have started or that I have worked on have all been for the benefit of the community and everyone can do that but not all people choose too.”

Ms. Miller said she hopes people will change their attitudes and once again focus on building the Cayman community. Both ladies are set to receive their awards at the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

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