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Rum Tails charity event for dogs returns

A day that combines two cherished things dogs and rum, what’s there not to love?

One Dog at a Time charity brings back their annual Rum Tails event for its third year.

Last year the charity saved 170 dogs with their fundraising efforts and the help of the community.

But the charity said their work is never done as they hope to continue to bring awareness.

f”A lot of it is definitely education, spaying, neutering, heart guard. If they actually saw the pain a dog goes through that’s actually got heartworm and everything to stop the overpopulation as well as rescuing the ones that already physically here and you get the cases of all the abuse and that there’s just no need. I mean why would you wanna hurt them?” said One Dog at a Time President Paula Blane.

This year one dog at a time wants to open their own store and premises to house more rescued dogs before they get adopted.

Kirk Freeport – January 2019
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