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Shot musician Dexter Bodden recounts his brush with death

The man who last week was shot outside his George Town home is out of the hospital today. Musician Dexter Bodden survived a single gunshot wound to his torso. Today (24 January,) he relives the story of his attack with Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks in this exclusive interview.

“As I put my hand down I heard the bang and I felt something in my side,” said local Musician Dexter Bodden as he relieved the incident that took place 8 days earlier at his Eastern Avenue home. Mr Bodden said he was just getting home and reversing into his yard when he heard the gunshot.

He said, ” I said you (explicit) and I popped my door open and I jumped out and I ran and he took off running and I could see the way he was running it was a guy who had made a threat against me. “Mr. Bodden said, “I ran and he ran and went around the south-west end of my house and got on to Avon Way heading towards curry rent a room and he turned around and got into a shooting stance and I said the same two words again.” Mr Bodden said he knows the person who shot him and doesn’t believe the person intended to kill him. He said, ” That young man was little frightened. I injured him very severely in the incident that happened almost a year ago now.” He said had the bullet gone anywhere else, he may not have walked out of the hospital. He said, “Two inches higher and that bullet would have penetrated my heart.”

He’s thankful to be alive but doesn’t feel he owes his life to a higher power. He said, ” I don’t believe there is any such thing as a god taking care of me when another human being can walk up to me and put a gun to my heart or my head.”


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