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Stingray population in Cayman waters stable

According to a recent survey 106 stingrays make waves at the Stingray City sandbar on a regular basis.

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation recently conducted its bi-annual survey and foundation leaders say there’s a stable stingray population in Cayman waters.

In addition to the sandbar numbers. 125 total were counted between Stingray City sandbar, Stingray City Dive site and Rum Point.

Up from dwindling numbers several years ago when the population had been estimated at around 60 stingrays.

“Our continual data collection is of vital importance not only in understanding the basic biology of the animal reproductive rates, sustainability of the interaction and because the socioeconomic importance to Cayman we have to keep an eye out on what goes on out there,” said Guy Harvey.

The bi annual stingray survey is the longest continuously running study of a marine interactive programme in the world.

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