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Veterinarian speaks out about pregnant dog’s passing

The veterinarian who treated the pregnant dog that died after trying to deliver pups says negligence led to her death.

The dog’s death is now under investigation by the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Unit.

The dog was given to the Humane Society in a trash bag after losing the ability to walk due to infection after struggling to give birth for several days.

The dog was taken to Island Vets on the third day of being in labour which veterinarian doctor Maykel Mora says was far too late.

“Must be agonizing and in pain and really really suffering so I would think that if you see your pet suffering and if you see they have been struggling in my eyes that is negligence it might be ignorance but even if you don’t know, you don’t have any veterinary knowledge you should know by 2, 3 days it is whelping it is in pain and it should go to the vet,” said Dr. Markel Mora.

Despite an extensive operation, the pitbull passed away the night of the surgery. None of her litter survived.

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