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Wellesley Howell turns 103 years old

Over the weekend Wellesley Howell commonly known as ” Mr. Howell” from Howell’s shoe shop turned 103 years old. Mr Howell, Cayman’s most well-known cobbler was born in 1915 first came to Cayman in the 1940’s and he says he has nothing but love for this country and its people.

Today (8 January) Cayman 27 caught up with Mr Howell to find out his secret to a long life. He said, “I try to please my God first of all and he intern gave me longer life so where I am now I will rest my spirit in the hand of the father god.” Mr Howell celebrated his 103rd birthday at the George Town Town Hall where he said he ate good food and played some great games of dominoes.


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