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Author calls for preservation Cayman maritime history

Local author H.E. Ross says he worried that Cayman is developing so quickly that we may be forgetting to preserve our past, like our cat boating history.

But he says he hopes to continue spreading the knowledge of Cayman’s great past.

Mr. Ross recently did a talk at the Cayman Islands National Art Gallery about Cayman’s cat boating maritime history and said he’s currently writing his own book to properly chronicle Cayman’s boating history.

“287 vessels in 50 years on an island of 6,000 people where mostly the men were at sea, so when you’ve got something as that being part of your history and just the 50 year period you’ve got a very entrenched history that hasn’t been touched,” said Mr. Ross.

Mr. Ross urged citizens to get involved in any event that pushes cultural preservation in the Cayman Islands.

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