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Couple keep clean criminal record in sugar glider case

The couple who illegally imported a Sugar Glider into Cayman were slapped with a total of $800 dollars in fines and legal costs.

Jimel McLean, son of East End MLA Arden Mclean, and Sabrina Walton were sentenced today (8 February) by Magistrate Valdis Foldats.

Mr. McLean will pay $400 for his 2 charges while Ms. Walton will pay $200 for her single charge and both are on a 6-month conditional discharge.

In addition, they must pay a further $200 for costs to the case.

Both will maintain a clean criminal record.

They plead guilty to bringing the animal on the Cayman Airway flight on 7 June of last year.

The magistrate questioned why the pair were not also being charged with importing a live alien animal, a charge that carries a $500,000 or 4 years in prison.

But Mr. McLean was only charged and pleaded guilty to importing a biological product without license and importing a live animal without license and Ms. Walton charged and plead guilty to importing a live animal without licence.

The Sugar Glider that was brought on the flight was confiscated and shortly after euthanized.

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