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Ghost Caymanian numbers between 300-400 says HSM

One local immigration attorney puts the number of “Ghost Caymanians” at between 300 and 400.

Ghost Caymanians are those with Cayman Islands passports or other immigration rights who may believe they are Caymanian but do not have Caymanian status.

It’s the first time we’re hearing a number associated with the group, whose members find themselves in immigration limbo.

HSM Chambers attorney Alastair David says the situation continues to cause problems for people trying to work their way legally toward obtaining Caymanian status.

“There are a number of people out there who we see have Cayman Islands passports who believe that they are free from restrictions in regards to immigration control but sadly they’re not, sadly they have acquired those passports but they do not have Caymanian status and yet they believe them selves to be Caymanian,” Mr. David said.

The Premier last month told Chamber of Commerce members that immigration policy changes were coming.

Mr. David says he hopes any immigration changes that may come down the pipeline would help address the issue of Ghost Caymanians.

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