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Miller calls for date to be set for LA

One legislator calls for dates to be set for Cayman’s lawmakers to meet. Opposition Leader  Hon. Ezzard Miller says he has no clue when MLA’s will meet next in the legislative assembly.
He calls for government to set the dates soon so everybody involved can plan ahead.

He said “It doesn’t sound like anyone is planning anything and if they are planning that’s all they are doing planing because they haven made any announcements.In the good all days we decided early in the year that we were going to meet the legislative assembly as a matter a fact it was a given we met in February we met in June we met in September and we met in November its beyond me why we cant do that now.”

He says the Speaker of the house can set the date. We caught up with McKeeva Bush who says there’s no need to do so right now. My power of concern is only for special occasions and emergencies there is no emergency.”

Minister Roy McTaggart says he guesses the LA will next meet in march. Cayman 27 reached out to the Premier for comment on Mr Miller’s comments. The premier declined to comment.

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