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MLA Saunders prepares for LA

Opposition MLA Chris Saunders says he’s tackling issues like mortgage reform and pension when the LA resumes. Cayman 27 caught up with the Bodden Town West MLA today (19 February) who says he intends to stick his campaign promises and keep on the issues he promised to address. Mr. Saunders said the Opposition is meeting to put together an agenda for the first LA meeting for 2018, but he still has his own agenda items he wants to tackle. He said, “Top of the list for me is basically give people greater access to their pension especially in extenuating circumstance where they can access their funds also performance incentive for civil servants I think that that is something that is key a lot of public servants that have been doing a good job that has not bee properly recorded or rewarded or recognized .” He said that he has made his plans clear to members who sit on the government side and he hopes to get their support.

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