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MLAs want stricter enforcement for Litter Law


Four of Cayman’s lawmakers say they want tougher enforcement to get trash of Cayman’s streets. Both Opposition and Government members tell Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks they are sick of seeing derelict cars and containers laying around and they want something done. They said it’s a growing problem. Derelict vehicles and containers across the country appearing to violate Cayman’s Litter Law. MLA Chris Saunders said, “Legislation isn’t the issue, enforcement is the issue.” MLA Alva Suckoo said, “The fine hasn’t been a deterrent because we have not been enforcing the law.
MLA Kenneth Bryan said, “I think the best way to deal with this is obviously stronger enforcement.”Deputy House Speaker Bernie Bush agrees and he said if it is not properly managed it can lead to crime. He said, “There has even been a situation where I have had some people call me and told me they saw some funny movements. I call Inspector Marriot form the West Bay police station and he checked it out the very same day and found some old cash registers and stuff thrown down there and those can be used for the wrong reason. ” MLA Kenneth Bryan says the Government needs to take some of the blame. He said, “Unfortunately right now government is not accepting any vehicles which is a problem much of the derelict vehicles can be of the government themselves because there is nowhere to take care when they become derelict.” MLA Chris Saunders says whilst it’s not the biggest problem in his constituency it’s still a burden for some.

He said, “From a government standpoint the needs of the many will always outweigh the needs of the few…But at the same time in a democracy, you still need to protect the rights of the minority also. ” These MLAs said they simply want the laws on the books enforced. Environment Ministry Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn told us in a statement, “The Department of Environmental Health is reorganizing areas of George Town landfill in order to be able to start regularly receiving derelict vehicles as soon as possible.”

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