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More calls to clean derelict cars

More calls today (15 February) to clean up derelict vehicles and rubbish left to rot on the side of the street and on public property.

It’s certainly not a new issue.

Last year alone, The Department of Environmental Health urged people not to abandon vehicles on public or private land. Police worked with a West Bay community group to rid their neighborhood of these eyesores. But today one community activist says the problem remains widespread and he wants government to do something about it.

Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks has this report.

Emile Levy said, “I feel appalled I am sick and tired of trying to get help. I’m frustrated.”

He said Cayman is overrun with trash.

“Everywhere I look, George Town, West Bay, East End, and all over Bodden Town is derelict vehicles in the bushes and on the side on people’s private property.”

Mr. Levy says it’s a health issue with no solutions in sight.

“Derelicted with rats and all kinds of complaints from the citizens with no genuine help,” he said.

Me. Levy says he doesn’t believe most land owners are to blame.

“Most of the vehicles that are thrown about and the metal that is thrown about don’t even belong to people that own the properties.”

He believes the government can and should do more.

“The government of the Cayman Islands need to employee a lot of people, all of the unemployed that they just give the two weeks work to, we need to have the government employ them to assist with the picking up of these derelict vehicles and garbage through out the island,” he said.

He says it starts with enforcing the law.

“You have littering law start imposing the littering law, $500 for littering.”

Upon review of the litter law anyone who is found guilty of littering which includes derelict vehicles could face a $500 fine or six months imprisonment.

Cayman 27 reached out to Environment Minster Hon. Dwayne Seymour for comment on the issue. We did not receive a response.

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