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One Love concert received nothing but love

The One Love concert took place this past Saturday (10 February) where reggae lovers came together in celebration.

With acts like Etana and the legendary Wailers taking center stage, the evening was one to remember.

“I really think they should have more concerts just like this; this is a very, very good inspiration to the younger generation,” said one concert goer, Michael Ebanks.

Five acts took the stage and many revelers said it was more than just a concert.

“Reggae means inspiration, enlightenment of the mind and creation,” said Mr. Ebanks.

Another attendee, Mitchell Ebanks, echoed Mr. Ebanks’ sentiments.

“To me it means super consciousness, to the Caribbean I think they just reach consciousness,” said Mitchell Ebanks.

The beach was packed, with few hundred people attending.

“Listening to the music and enjoying it within myself, you know, as far as I’m concerned I enjoyed it,” said Mitchell Ebanks.

Others just couldn’t contain their excitement.

“It was a fantastic vibe… tonight was wicked man, you know I missed them when I was in South Africa when I was 21 years old. I missed The Wailers and when I found out they were in town I said, ‘boy I’m not missing it this time,'” said Orneil Galbraith.

It was certainly an event to go down in the books as a stellar night of live music in Cayman.

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