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Police and Facebook group “The Blue Spot” partner

Online advocacy group “The Blue Spot” has long called for Cayman’s drivers to stay out of blue spots meant for the disabled and they’ve never been shy to post a photo of an offender. Now the group is working with police in hopes of boosting enforcement. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks has this report.

As a Blue Spot group member and father of a disabled child Kent McTaggart says a renewed relationship with police is helping weed out those breaking laws. He said, “The people that are involved in blue spot scattered like roaches Like shining a light on the cockroaches they just disappeared.” Police say they’ve always worked toward ticketing offenders, but now they’re asking members of the public to immediately call in infractions and they say they’re giving these reports priority. “Once these offences are identified someone calls it in, once we have the resources and resources are available n they will be dispatched,” said the RCIPS. Mr. McTaggart said some may scoff at the attention given to blue spot violators, but he said it’s a big deal for those who can’t access a spot meant for them. He said, “It’s shouldn’t hurt anybody but that’s the second that’s the minute that’s the five minutes that a handicapped person comes and has to go park somewhere else and then wheel their wheel their wheelchair in from a further distance which is dangerous in these parking lot.” He’s hoping his group can work with police going forward to keep everyone on the right side of the law. Last month police issued 16 tickets for instances of illegal parking in handicapped spots.

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