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Pregnant woman claims cops used excessive force in arrest

A pregnant woman claims police used excessive force to arrest her yesterday (1 February) and the RCIPS confirms it’s investigating the incident. Expectant mother Crystal Barnes said police went too far when they arrested her at her Bodden Town home over an outstanding warrant. The video of her arrest spread on social media.

Expectant mother Crystal Barnes said she was the victim of excessive force at the hands of the RCIPS. She said, “I was really shocked to see that yet another police officer came to my residence for the same outstanding warrant that was supposed to be lifted.” She said officers went to her home to arrest her on a warrant for $300 in late court fines. She said she had already sorted the matter with the Courts. She said, ” I came to the court’s office and I requested time that was on January 15th and I have my paperwork where the judge signed it and everything.”

She shared photos of the court application with Cayman 27. She said she tried to explain this to the arresting officer as well. “He told me no he don’t want to hear that, I need to come with him now to the detention centre,” she said. Ms. Barnes said what happened next was unacceptable. She said, “I don’t understand why they came back to me this morning and actually manhandled me told me I was taking too long to get dressed. I am almost due to have my baby now and honestly they shouldn’t have manhandled me the way they did.”

The RCIPS issued a statement on the incident. It stated, “The RCIPS  has viewed the footage and referred the matter to PSU (Professional Standards Unit) for an investigation into the full circumstances of the arrest.” Ms. Barnes said despite the PSU investigation she intends to take legal action of her own. She said, “I know on my side of the court I intend to take legal action.” Ms. Barnes said her fine has now been paid in full.


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