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Superior Auto Training Programme set to make a comeback

Superior Auto says it’s bringing back its automotive training programme. It has been on and off for the last couple of years but this time the organisers are opening an automotive training school as well.Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks has more.

Over the last couple of years Superior Auto has been training young Caymanians to be independent and employable in the automotive sector. Customer service for Superior Auto, Stephanie Webster said, ” We saw a need to develop young talent, 95% of the automotive sector was filled by guest workers.” She said the company is moving to restart their training programme and he says there has always seen interest from young Caymanians to get into the industry but they just need the right start. She said, “We had so many young people out their that would come to us looking for that type of work but were not qualified so we tried to develop their talent that was our vision.” She said over 40 students have become full-time and professional mechanics through their training and those graduates have gone on to do great things. She said, ” We have students that have been placed with Cayman airways, with NAPA, with the Water Authority, with CUC. ” Superior Auto apprentice Romain Knight said he’s happy to be training with Superior Auto and says others with a passion for cars can benefit like he did. He said, “Honestly I thinks it’s a very good idea for the islands to have a training facility you know for vocational work because it keeps young people out of trouble.”

Ms Webster said the programme is comprehensive and takes over 2 years to complete, but most importantly its recognized. She said, ” Superior Auto training programme is accredited by JAGAS and Heart Trust NTA and the certification is recognized internationally.” Ms Webster said that the programme is free to all students with government’s helping hand and she hopes that will continue. She said plans are in train to build a two storey building an automotive school including a library on land just a minute walk from the garage.

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