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Swimming: 20 records fall at CIASA’s National Championships

A total of 20 amateur swimming records were broken at the Cayman Islands Aquatic Sports Association (CIASA) National Championships held 15th-18th February. Leading the way was Camana Bay Aquatic Club’s Jillian Crooks with 5 new national records and 1 CIASA record for girls ages 11-12. Crooks’ new time in the 100 fly was broken later in the meet by Stingray Swim Club’s Allyson Belfonte (1:09.94). Crooks returned the favor later on by breaking Belfonte’s new record in the 200 IM (2:39.97) with a time of 2:34:32. Afterwards, Crooks said there was still room for improvement.

“I started a little too fast in the fly. I thought that was not gonna come back, but I actually did. I didn’t die on the first part. I’m actually glad about that.”

Not far behind was CBAC’s Sabine Ellison, breaking 5 records for girls 13-14. Ellison set highs in the 200 meter breaststroke for both the age group and CIASA senior national record books (2:44.38). The 14-year old also set highs in the 50 breaststroke (36.41 CIASA record), 100 breaststroke (1:17.18 CIASA record), and 200 IM (2:27.97 CIASA record). Ellison said she enjoyed the new challenges.

“I was pretty pleased with my performance today, especially because I don’t usually swim freestyle events. It was fun to get in and swim something I don’t usually swim.”

A youngster on the rise was CBAC’s Lila Higgo, breaking CIASA records in the 50 meter (39.77) and 100 meter breast stroke (1:25.41). The latter time stood untouched since 2004.

“I was really motivated to get the record that was standing for a really long time in the 100 meter breast stroke. I also wanted to get a personal best in the 50 freestyle” said Higgo.

Leading the way for boys swimmers was Stingray’s Jake Alberga setting 4 new records for boys ages 11-12. Alberga set highs in the 100 meter (1:16.57, CIASA and national) and 200 meter breaststroke (2:42.20, CIASA and national).

Cayman’s amateur swimmers are seemingly headed for another impressive performance in the regions biggest competition at the CARIFTA Championships 4th March in Jamaica.

Here is a look at every swimming record that was broken at the 2018 CIASA National Championship:

Girls (15 records)
200 Breaststroke: J. CROOKS (CBAC) 3:03.09(F) 15/2/18: 11-12 NATIONAL

50M Free: J CROOKS (CBAC)  30.93 (F) 15/2/18: 11-12 National SCM Record

200 Breaststroke: S. ELLISON (CBAC) 2:44.38(F) 15/2/18: 13-14

100 Fly: A. BELFONTE (SSC) 1:09.94(F) 15/2/18: 11-12 CIASA & NATIONAL

200 Freestyle: J. CROOKS (CBAC) 2:17.99(F) 16/2/18: 11-12 NATIONAL

50 Fly: J. CROOKS (CBAC) 30.93(F), 16/2/18: 11-12 CIASA & NATIONAL

200 Individual Medley: J. CROOKS (CBAC) 2:34.32(F) 17/2/18: 11-12

200 Individual Medley: S. ELLISON (CBAC) 2:27.97(F) 17/2/18: 13-14 CIASA

50 Breast: L. HIGGO (CBAC) 39.77(P) 17/2/18: 9-10 CIASA RECORD

50 Breast: S. ELLISON (CBAC) 36.41(F) 17/2/18: 13-14 CIASA RECORD

100 Breast: L. HIGGO (CBAC) 1:25.41(F) 18/2/18: 9-10 CIASA RECORD

100 Breast: S. ELLISON (CBAC) 1:17.18(F) 18/2/18 – 13-14 CIASA

Boys (5 records)
200 Breaststroke: J. ALBERGA (SSC) 2:42.20(F) 15/2/18: 11-12 CIASA &

50 Breaststroke: S. BONATI (CBAC) 34.65(F) 17/2/18: 11-12 CIASA

100 Breaststroke: J ALBERGA (SSC) 1:16.57(F) 18/2/18: 11-12 CIASA &

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Jordan Armenise

Jordan Armenise

From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Jordan Armenise began his sports broadcasting journey with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. It was in this role where he was able to merge his best attributes: sports knowledge and personality. While with the Ticats, Jordan provided live analysis and interviews while developing a digital portfolio of one-on-one interviews, episodic sports comedy and full length sports & news features. He has also worked with CBC Sports for Hockey Night in Canada, the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Special Olympics as well as roles with Cineflix and Cream Productions as an Assistant Director.

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