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New ICCI President has high hopes for the institution

The International College of the Cayman Islands has a new President Dr. Byron Coon.

And he says he’s excited to take the reins of the college.

Dr. Coon said he has nothing but positive hopes for his and the school’s future.

“Well I’m very, very excited it presents a lot of opportunities for me to bring my skills sets to the table and to add on to the legacy,” said Dr. Coon.

Dr. Coon has over 40 years experience as an educator and he said so far he is already impressed with the caliber of students enrolled at ICCI.

“The students were absolutely phenomenal and kudos to the instructor for really bringing home the skills that applicable, you know it’s one thing learning textbook information, but it’s another thing to apply those skills in a real-world setting so I’m really pleased,” said Dr. Coon.

Dr. Coon said he has already started formulating a plan on how to take ICCI in a positive and progressive direction.

“I’ve got a 5 to 7 year strategic programme that I’m laying out right now and creasing enrollment is one of them but it’s also closing the gap out there on how students can be hired in the employer sector and be skilled at it, I also wanna reduce the amount of remedial courses,” said Dr. Coon.

But his main focus is to bring the best educational experience to the students.

“I want to hear what are you getting from the university, what do you think we’re not doing, what do you think we can improve on, what are some strengths that you’re finding at the university, because after all this is their education and this is their institution,” said Dr. Coon.

He said he wants to make the right choices that will be most beneficial to ICCI’s students.

“You’ve got to be on the cutting edge of how can we be very creative and making education accessible. How can we get quality education out our doorway so the students feel that I will be skilled and ready to meet the demands of the employers’ sector on the island and even internationally,” said Dr. Coon.

Dr. Coon said he also hopes to open a day-care type facility on campus to help care for students children so it does not affect their studies.

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