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NWS boss: Climate change could affect Cayman, especially weather conditions

Though World Meteorological Day has passed the work at the Cayman Islands National Weather Service never stops.

With increasing temperatures and greater storms projected for 2018, those at the Service say they are keeping on top of all things weather to keep residents safe.

According to the Cayman Islands National Weather service 2018 will experience extreme weather like that of last year and they say it’s due to growing climate change.

“The climate change effects the Cayman Islands in two ways generally speaking your temperature continues to go up on a fairly gradual basis, the other major impact on us is in our rainfall so when you look at our annual rainfall totals, they have the general tendency to go down so we’re both getting warmer and drier at the same time,” said Mr. Tibbetts.

Director General John Tibbetts at National Weather Service said mankind has played a pivotal role in climate change.

“Man kind has really done damage in two ways, it has increased its burning of fossil fuels and on the other side of the equation we have also cut down trees,” said Mr. Tibbetts.

Though some may not see this as having any effect on Cayman, Mr. Tibbetts said they should think again.

“Any rise in the sea level will impact us maybe we get some of the lower lying sections of our islands will be flooded. Another thing to note is if you do have increasing sea levels then you put things like storm surge and hurricane waves on it then all of a sudden it amplifies the problem,” said Mr Tibbetts.

While the Cayman Islands National Weather Service is not able to control the weather they are seeking to improve how to best inform and prepare us for it, for example with new weather buoys.

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