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Psychiatric nurse says new mental health facility is long over due

The East End mental health facility is on its way and is expected to be ready by next year.

And medical professionals in the mental health field feel it’s a welcomed and needed step forward for Cayman.

Nurse Dympna Carten remembered past years where Cayman didn’t even have the mental health inpatient acute ward.

She said at times agitated people experiencing an episode from an illness that were picked up even had to wait in cells because there was no where to place them.

The facility is moving treatment forward and will allow people to come home.

“There’s some people who may never be able to live independently it’s going to offer them a very homely, a very warm, a very structured environment. It’s going to be fabulous and it also means for the family and the individuals who are currently overseas in treatment in rehabilitative type environments they’ll be able to come home and that’s been long needed,” said Nurse Carten.

The mental health facility break ground is planned for this summer.

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