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2017 Crime Stats released, overall crime dropped 1%, but serious crime was up

The highly anticipated crime stats released was Friday at the Government Administration Building, George Town.

The overall crime rate for 2017 is roughly the same as it was compared to 2016. Overall, crime was actually down about 1%.

Within that overall number, serious crimes rose by less than 1 % and other crimes dropped by about five percent.

Looking at serious crimes alone, Arson is up 36% from 9 in 2016 to 11 last year. Rape is up 29% with 17 reported in 2017. Other sexual offences are up 27%. Burglary is up 14%. On the flip side, we saw some notable decreases too. Attempted murder is down from 8 to 5, that’s a 60% drop. We had 11 fewer firearms offences last year a swing of 44%. Drug offences are down nearly 13 percent.

Police leaders released the 2017 crime statistics report. The overall figures show overall crime down by about 1 percent. When looking at serious crime burglary is up 14% from 2016 to 2017.

It was the only type of crime by which the RCIPS broke it down by the district. Two districts with the highest burglary rates, George Town with 290 and Bodden Town at 156. Firearms offences dropped by 44% overall.

Breaking that down further, possession of an unlicensed firearm fell by 9% overall. Importation was up by two.

“We saw one more case of possession of a bulletproof vest and possession of an imitation firearm and we saw one fewer instance of possession of an unlicensed firearm for ammunition.”

When looking at the Sister Islands Police Commissioner Derek Byrnes said they focus on the sister islands just as much as Grand Cayman.

“There is some concerns amongst the senior command as to the level of crime that has been occurring on Cayman Brac in the last year and we have started as system of sending one of our chief inspectors or superintendents over on a monthly basis to review and conduct an audit,” said Mr. Byrnes

The Commissioner also said a new RCIPS website and app will be coming out in May, making it to easier to communicate with community officers. His hope is that it will continue to strengthen relations with the police.

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