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Gas prices rise since last August

Gas prices last week hit an eight-month high. That’s according to data listed on the Utility Regulation and Competition Office, OfReg, website which provides data starting in late August.

You’re paying more than a quarter per gallon more now than you were back then. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks hit to the streets to talk with consumers about the pinch at the pump.

Olive Gregory says those trips to the gas station seem a bit more painful these days. She says she no longer looks at the price she just goes with what she can afford.

“I only pull up and ask for $25 what ever that does my car but I do find that I’m using more gas,” said Mrs. Gregory

Data on the OfReg website shows the average price of an imperial gallon of gas is 26-cents more as of last week than in August.

Nicholas Graham said it’s a chunk of change to fill up. “But it’s about $150 to $200 a month,” said Mr. Graham

According to Triple-A, gas prices in the US are up across all states over the last month, with Utah leading the way with a five-cent rise. When converting US dollars to CI dollars, the national average of regular unleaded in the US as of today is $2.28(US) while the average in Cayman is $4.59(CI).

“I would like to see it about 3.50(CI)” said Mr. Graham

It’s important to note, Cayman uses imperial gallons instead of US gallons. Imperial gallons are about 20% larger than the US counterpart.

Still with prices rising sharply in April, Theodora Bodden said her family has made changes.

“About $40 a week because we down sized our car, when we had our trail blazer it was like $75 a week,” said Mrs. Bodden

She hopes the future provides some relief for those needing to refuel

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