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Lawlessness on the roads: 634 traffic tickets issued in March, 123 DUIs since January

Police say they are worried by what seems to be a growing trend of lawlessness on Cayman’s roads.
And with figures like 634 traffic tickets in March and 123 DUI arrests since January, it’s no surprise police are cracking down.
Traffic offences in Cayman are growing with tickets crossing the six hundred mark in March and the RCIPS’s media relations officer Jodi-Ann Powery said two factors are influencing the numbers.

“Our being on the road and conducting high visibility patrols in order to detect these traffic offences, but also to persons who are showing disregard to the traffic laws,” she said.

The latest figures from Traffic Management for March shows 293 tickets were issued for various traffic offences like faulty tires, no insurance and outdated registration while 341 speeding tickets were issued. There were 44 DUI arrests in that month. Tickets totaled 634.

“The use of cellphones is an issue along with the tint and the speeding. As well as, persons using disapproved equipment which means their vehicle is either outdated and need to be renewed and registered or that their vehicle is not roadworthy,” Ms. Powery said.

She said delinquent motorists need to take stock of their actions.

“One should consider how a law-abiding citizen feels when they’ve taken their time to get their vehicle up to date and they’ve spent their money to get their vehicle registered and insured when somebody else is having a free pass and driving without insurance and without registration. It is not fair.”

She also had a warning for those who use social media to alert their friends about roadblocks or traffic exercises.

“I do want to encourage (you) to have a think about when you’ve alerted that person who does not have insurance on their vehicle what happens is that same person who you have alerted meets with an accident probably with you. How would you feel then?” she questioned.

At the end of the day driving is not just about taking the wheel, but being responsible and law-abiding while in control of a vehicle.

The RCIPS reminds the motoring public to obey the law for the safety of all road users.

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Reshma Ragoonath

Reshma Ragoonath

Reshma Ragoonath is a Trinidadian journalist with 18 years media experience with a strong background in print with her most recent stint at The Cayman Reporter. She has a BA in Mass Communications, as well as, an Associate degree in Journalism and Public Relations.

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