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Superior Auto breaks ground for automotive training centre

Superior Auto formally broke ground for the construction of a new automotive training center, the first of its kind in Cayman.

Past students of Superior’s automotive programme, as well as former and current MLAs, gathered to commemorate the occasion on Thursday (19 April.) Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks was there and has this report.

Hundreds gathered at Seymour Drive, George Town Thursday for the sod turning of the site for Superior auto training centre, a place where those aspiring towards a career in auto mechanics can make that it happens, like former student Derren “Mikey” Burlington.

“It really secured my future I guess you can say you know, I came straight out of high school to the programme and after I completed the programme I was guaranteed a job. I can’t think of many other schools in the world that guarantee a job after you successfully complete it,” said Mr. Burlington.

Former Education Minister Rolston Anglin recounted the initial stages when Superior Auto came to him with their auto programme idea.

“And I said one thing to them I said go away find a programme that is world-class accredited and will be accepted by the entire automotive community and we will support it…The very next meeting they came back and so they told me it was going to be the Jamaican German Automotive school under the heart trust and as they say the rest is history,” Mr. Anglin said.

Superior Auto co-owner Denise Demacrdo said seeing the training centre reach to the point is a blessing to witness.

“Our children, who have fallen behind for whatever reason, should get an equal opportunity, at realigning their life to purpose and fulfillment. Our children should stand a chance; our children should get a chance and we should be the ones to support their journey,” said Mrs. DeMacardo.

When completed the building will feature 2 stories of classrooms that will be paired with real-life work experience from Superior Auto which is less than a minute’s walk away from the training centre.

Mrs. DeMacardo said the building should be completed in a couple of months.

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