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Looking at how road closures for Carnivals affect businesses

It’s Carnival season which usually means a party for the entire country. But with events like junior Batabano, adult Batabano and the upcoming Caymas parade there will be road closures to major thoroughfares in three out of four weeks during high season. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks hit the streets to find out what that means for businesses in the heart of George Town.

Masqueraders, soca music and local food, that’s the scene you usually think about when you think of carnivals such as Pirates Week, Batabano and Caymas but for many business owners that means road closures and Cayman Auto Diagnostics’s Service Writer Suzan Brown said most time they just need to close up shop.

“So most of the time when we know we have a road closure what my boss would normally do is probably close for that day or we don’t have anything going out after 12 p.m.,” said Ms. Brown.

But not all companies have the same bad luck, the ladies at High Profile Salon say they are not negatively affected and in most cases, only evening clients are impacted.

“The only thing is it that we had a 5 p.m. or 4 p.m. clients the road close of pretty early, so we had a client that stood up until 6 p.m. but she was ok with it. We just stayed there and enjoyed the view,” said Bridgette Roberts.

Over at Cash Wiz General Manager Dean McGee said whilst they would rather not close half day, he said, it’s a sacrifice he is willing to make so traditional celebrations are not shut down.

“Pirates week and all the parades is something the Caymanian people look forward to it a lot of fun people enjoy it and I would certainly not want to them to not have the parade so if that’s the price we have to pay. That we have to pay a to close couple times of year early then we are good with it,” said Mr. McGee.

We spoke with those at local cigar shop Old Havana. They chose not to be on camera, but they said even with road closures that does not stop their loyal customers from coming.

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