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Celebrate Cayman underway

Now that Cayman’s year-long jubilee Coat of Arms celebration has been formally launched, all gears are now shifting to the first event on the calendar, The Summer Festival on 26 June at George Town Harbour front.

Two government ministers said the Celebrate Cayman year-long celebrations hold a special place in their hearts, from understanding our people to changing laws for our people.

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Tara Rivers says that the coat of arms was a starting point of historical change in Cayman for women.

“Shortly there after we had the sex disqualification act which actually gave the women the right to vote and the right to stand for office and certainly as a female elected representative, I wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have that particular mile stone,” said Minister Rivers.

Commerce Minister Hon. Joey Hew said stressed the importance of understanding what the coat of arms means to our people.

“For us to start to be proud of who we are and what we are where we came from and you know our motto he has founded us upon the seas says tremendous about the people of the Cayman Islands,” said Minister Hews

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