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Film-goers react to Reberth’s take on perennial hot-button issue

A night of cinema under the stars:

More than five dozen gathered Monday (18 June) night at Sunset House for the Caymanian premiere of the documentary film Reberth.

Growth and development squares off against the need for environmental protection in the film.

An estimated 60 to 75 turned up to see the film’s take on this perennial hot-button issue. The thought-provoking film stirred strong reactions from those in attendance.

A reporter-estimated 60-75 people attended Reberth’s Caymanian premiere

“Development is expanding quite rapidly, so there’s a lot of tugging interests that needs to be addressed, like we need some development, we need jobs, but there’s also a great need to protect the environment,” said businessman Prentice Panton. “This is their future, we are at the custodians of it now and we are going to eventually turn it over to them, but I think more needs to be done in the schools and teaching them and giving them the opportunity.”

“To come and see this was, I’m going to be honest, quite a shock to my system because I thought I’ve gotten quite desensitized about all the ocean issues in all of the documentaries I have seen,” said Marique Cloete, who has volunteered in conservation projects in the past. “At the end of the day, you can’t just be preaching to the converted, the people that need to see this film, that it needs to be exposed to are the people that are fighting on the other side.”

Glaringly absent from the documentary, any pro-port voices. The filmmaker told Cayman 27 government officials and pro-port campaign leaders declined to participate.

“They had their opportunity, so we kind of know their position, and it happens to be dollars and cents, and furthering the tourism product and that is it, there’s nothing really that they’re going to speak to us about we are talking about here, which is conservation,” said Nick Ebanks. “It’s a vibrant, it’s beautiful, and you want to save it, and it drives a little bit of passion studio for what’s happening and what could happen and the potential, if you don’t do anything about it.”

The screening was accompanied by a short question an answer session with two of the young Caymanians featured in the film.

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Joe Avary

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