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Gun amnesty 2018: Dr. McField says changing mindsets on violence also needed

One former political hopeful says whilst the RCIPS firearm amnesty may work by getting guns off the streets he says more needs to done to change mindset on guns and a life of crime.

Dr. Frank McField said the gun amnesty is needed and is beneficial, but there is a bigger problem that needs attention and that is the mindset of power and the need for an illegal firearm.

“First of all I think you have to pay attention to people who have observed the situation and if you feel that you can believe that the evidence that is given to you or the advice that they are sharing with you is good advice because its one thing to speculate its another thing when you can subjectively test the evidence,” said Dr. McField.

He said law enforcement and the government should work with sociologists like him to help change that mindset.

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