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Japanese TV crew in Cayman to profile resident

A Japanese TV crew is in the Cayman Islands to interview a local Japanese resident for her work here in the field of art.

ABC Asahi Director Yamashita Koji and his crew are in town to profile Mari Abi, a local producer, editor and photographer with production company Geezum productions.

Mr. Koji directs a reality show which translates to, “Japans peoples in the villages of the world.” It looks at successful Japanese in other parts of the world, which lead him to Mrs. Abi.

[translated] “So there is a very popular TV programme to find or discover Japaneses living overseas from Japan and further from Japan and in this time we found a Japanese in Cayman,” said Mr. Koji.

Mrs. Abi says she was honored when the hit TV show contacted her.

“I was in shock because I knew this TV programme and I dreamed of being on the programme and it’s finally coming to me,” said Mrs Abi.

She researches local Cayman stories and makes animated cartoons to reflect those stories.

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