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On his eviction day, a defiant Raul Martinez remains in home

Friday (15 June) was eviction day for former firefighter Raul Martinez.

However, as of press time, he is still in his home, more than a month after a judge ruled against him and his family in his foreclosure case.

Mr. Martinez’ battle against Butterfield Bank in this foreclosure appears to be reaching its final stages.

Minutes before Friday’s newscast, the former firefighter was still in his home, even though June 15th was set to be eviction day.

From the very onset, Mr. Martinez has insisted he has been wronged by the bankers, realtors, and evaluators in his case, and has repeatedly vowed not to leave his home.

Cayman 27’s cameras were rolling as a representative of the court arrived Friday to execute the eviction.

“Trying to keep the devil out,” Mr. Martinez told Cayman 27.

Friday morning he prepared his Lower Valley home for what may be his last stand, pounding nails into boards to barricade himself inside.

“My family and I were supposed to have been moved out of this house from back in February or March, and it was by God’s will, God’s grace why we are here until June. It was not mankind that kept us here that long, it was God who kept us here that long because he knows this is our home,” said Mr. Martinez.

On the eve of an April 19th eviction date, Mr. Martinez was granted an injunction in his case, but eventually lost. His application for a stay of the writ of possession filed last week was also denied.

“I’m just battening up what is mine. My name is still on the land & registry form, possession is 9/10 of the law, they got to prove who owns this, and my name is still on the land registry form for up until yesterday, my name is still on the land registry form, saying Raul Esteban Martinez owns this property, block 32 C, parcel 160, and I’m going to own it until the day I die,” said Mr. Martinez.

Minutes later, a representative of the courts arrived, along with private security and a locksmith.

“I’m not threatening no violence, you know that, but I’ve got to prove a point to government you know,” said Mr. Martinez through a window to the court representative. “I’m doing this to prove a point to the 19 members in our MLA you know, I’m not doing this to prove a point to the bank or nobody, no, it is government that has got me in this position, because government terminated me wrongfully.”

After that brief conversation, the baliff, private security, and the locksmith left the property in a caravan.

Using vegetation, Mr. Martinez blocked off the one-lane road that leads to his home.

Mr. Martinez and the court representative, who Cayman 27 did not get a chance to speak with, did engage in discussions about potentially executing the eviction sometime next week, but it was unclear if any official arrangement has been set.

At least for now, it appears Mr. Martinez has bought himself at least one more night in his home.

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Joe Avary

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