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‘One Dog’ charity finds frustration in search for storefront rental

Animal rescue charity One Dog at a Time is looking for a space to call its own, but says so far, it’s only finding frustration.

One Dog told Cayman 27 it has looked at several options, but every time they are ready to sign a lease, the property managers back out.

“It’s definitely not One Dog at a Time anymore, very rarely do we have less than ten,” said Paula Blane of the organisation’s growth.

“We are bigger than last year, more dogs, more dogs means more vets bills, more fundraising, more fundraising means more donations that we need to sell, hence again, we go back to we need a premises,” said Ms. Blane.

She said finding a space to house the charity’s future thrift shop is where the frustration comes in.

“It’s just like literally, just as we are getting our foot in the door, it is snatched away,” said Ms. Blane.

She told Cayman 27 she’s looked at 20 to 25 properties, and says five have backed out at the last minute, including Grand Harbour.

“I said to the girls, it is perfect,” she recalled. “Then we went around there and looked, still everything was great, and then all of a sudden they turned around and said no we want more highbrow customers around there.”

A Grand Harbour representative told Cayman 27 terms were not agreed upon, and that the two parties were nowhere close to inking a lease.

“We’ve got 2,500 followers, that’s 2,500 people that could’ve been on your premises,” said Ms. Blane.

Over at Cannon Place, it was a different story. A representative told Cayman 27 it ultimately leased the space to another party, calling the decision strictly business.

“The shop will generate a lot of money for us and we really really need that at the moment, really, we are desperate, desperate desperate,” said Ms. Blane.

As the search for space continues, Ms. Blane said the group will continue its work rescuing animals from the DOA kennel and re-homing them through overseas partner organisations.

“Somebody out there must have some kind of premises,” said Ms. Blane.

One Dog at a Time told Cayman 27 several of its volunteers have given up large parts of their homes to store dog food, animal crates, and even incoming donations it relies on to fund its charitable works.

Contact One Dog at a Time at 917-8284

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