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Police helicopter crew helps wounded worker on passing ship

A worker on a passing tanker fell and got seriously hurt and Cayman’s finest jumped into action. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks has more.

It was just another routine day at sea for workers aboard the 800-foot long supertanker “Explorer Spirit”, until a 43-year-old crew member fell and injured himself.

“They had a casualty where one of there crew member had fallen down some stairs received head injuries and broken leg and other injuries that were unknown at the time,” said RCIPS Air Operation Unit Leader Steve Fitzgerald.

And so police took off and tracked down the ship about 15 miles west of Grand Cayman. They landed on the ship’s deck and they, along with a visiting EMT, sprung into action.

“My crew while they are EMT trained they can not administer drugs of that kind we need the paramedics to do the assessment and stabilization,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

Mr Fitzgerald said there was a delay in taking off because they wanted to make sure their mission was properly planned.

“So it was about three-quarters of an hour from beginning to end in the planning process to make sure everyone is happy that when we get there we can do the job and we don’t turn up as it was unprepared,” said Mr. Fitzgerald.

The patient was stabilized on the ship and then airlifted to Grand Cayman before being taken to the hospital. The man was taken to Health City Cayman Islands with non-life threatening injuries.

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