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RFA Mount Bay military exercise takes over Governor’s Beach

UK naval officers held a military exercise at the Governor’s Beach today (1 June) giving their disaster response a test run.

Today the crew of the UK’s RFA Mount Bay executed their disaster response plan along the Governors Beach on West Bay Road. The aim, making sure things run as smoothly as possible if they are triggered into action.

” The more you think about the various scenarios the more you actually do not just the analysis. But actually carry out the training in a condition you can control to some degree and you can figure out what works well, what you need to tweek, what are your concerns before you need to execute,” said Home Affairs Minister Hon. Tara Rivers.

The vessel’s equipment was put to use in the exercise, HE Governor Anwar Choudhury said having the UK ship in the region is important.

“RFA Mounts Bay is our ship that helps out after disasters on that ship is all the emergency provisions or at least the most important emergency provisions that we might need so diggers, generators, water supply and most importantly skilled people,” said Governor Choudhury.

While Friday’s exercise was also part of training the UK military personnel, His Excellency it’s also to show the wider public that the UK is here to help the Cayman Islands, should we need it.

“What this morning was, was demonstrating that there is a call we can make to the United Kingdom who will then support us with this sort of facility,” said Governor Choudhury.

He added that the exercise and help from the UK will not are at no cost to Cayman’s public purse.

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