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Budding Chefs cooking camps

One of the biggest obstacles of the summer is what to do with your kids in the hot summer weather. The kids at Bon Vivant’s budding chef camps may not know a lot about cooking right now. But they are eager to learn.

2-year-old Emelia Cecere is one of a dozen kids attending the camp. Bon Vivant holds two 1 hour camps every weekday. One is for preteens 8-12 years old and the other camp is for kids 7-year-old or younger.

“Seeing how happy the kids are. They love it. They love getting hands on and they really enjoy it,” said Karinna Cecere Emelia’s Mother. The camps consist of an experienced chef teaching the kids hand-on cooking experience. With the teacher controlling the oven and stove. And kids eating what they’ve cooked.

“It was a huge part of staying out of trouble. And being inspired and hanging out with my family. That was a huge part of my bonding. So I would like to be able to do that with the kids today,” said Bon Vivant Chef and Instructor Maureen Cubbon.

Parents can participate in the cooking experience with the younger kids. Emilia’s mother Karrina was excited to participate to participate with Emilia and her older sister, in a camp that’s different from their typical activities. “Oh it’s really hard. Because it’s really hot outside. You can only be outside for a short period of time. So this is something that’s inside. They are doing something they love. And for the little kids it’s a quick class so they don’t lose their attention too quickly,” said Ms. Cecere.

The recipes taught, are simple foods that kids enjoy every day. “Chicken tenders and mashed potatoes. Which is food they love to eat,” said Ms. Cecere. The cost of the ingredients is included in the cost of the camp. So you don’t have to worry about the extra costs, just full kids. Bon Vivant is still taking campers for their next budding chef camps, which will start 23 July.

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